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May 06, 2009


The Grass Looks Green

JW Player
  • Born to be with you
  • Love Went Away
  • Once More
  • Lost Time
  • Red Hill Creek
  • Tennessee Whiskey
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  • Six Feet Underground
  • Time to Play
  • When my Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  • All for the Love of a Girl
  • The Grass Looks Green
  • You Are My Flower
  • I Hear a Voice Calling
  • How Mountain Girls can Love

was never much of the lovin' kind
although I’ve had a sweetheart so true
but singing and traveling from town to town
when I’m up on the stage, I’m still thinking of you

like ripples in the water, our love went away
or trees in the autumn when their leaves
blow astray
when the water's down the stream it
never returns
like a log on the fire, after it burns

She needed more love than I could ever give
I should have seen it from the start
but my kind of life is moving all the time
and I’m sorry, that I broke your heart
I’m lookin' out from behind these bars
from here I can barely see the stars
but when I lay down all I see is you
these walls of stone and bars of steel
are cold as ice, and that’s how I feel
and I hope to see your face when the day is through

I miss your kiss and the way you walk
the way your looking when we talk
these pictures and your letters just won’t do
I miss the feel of your embrace
those smiling lips upon your face
my days are sad and lonely without you

When I get out of this concrete box
l'll be through crushing rocks
and hope to see you waiting there for me
well I've learned alot since I've been away
so trust me baby when I say
I'll make up for lost time, just wait and see
The Red Hill Creek, makes a bubbling sound
where peace in the city can still be found
it carves a path along the way
from the Hamilton mountain to the old railway

Oh the Red Hill Creek will soon be gone
when they build a road to travel on
you won’t hear the sound of water running on and on
you won’t hear the Red Hill Creek playing it’s song
Another perfect day, has come and gone
your little happy family, has seen another sun
two little curly heads, are tucked away in bed
and you know tomorrow they'll all be clothed and fed

Wouldn’t this be a good time to pray
wouldn’t this be the time to get down on your
knees and pray
Lord take my life, let me serve you
wouldn’t this be a good time to pray

Life is rolling along, and now the kids are grown
they've lived a good life, not a need they've known
but then the telephone rings, and it’s half past one
their world caves in with the words, we have your son


You've walked this earth, tasted life it’s true
but all those wasted years now the journey's through
but a mothers prayer has followed you
there’s only one who can start your life anew

the grass is green there down below and
the trees are tall where the water flows
and there’s a path to walk along
where you can hear it’s peaceful song


The midnight choir of the crickets call
echoes at the mountains wall
they harmonize with the gentle breeze
as it brushes through the valley and trees
I hear youve been thinking of taking a walk
you think I can’t hear your friends with the talk
you think the grass is greener over on the other side
but when you get there, you'll have to decide


So wade through the river where the water runs free
the air feels warm, and the grass looks green
but honey, when you get there, your past you can’t hide
and I'll be waiting here, on the other side

So start your walking and soon you will see
the grass is not green and there's thorns at your feet
the pain that you feel right now is just the start
of what you've done to me and my weary heart

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